For every new blog, there’s a first blog post–which is, all at the same time, both exciting and daunting. It’s been my experience that you don’t necessarily know what your blog is going to be like or even what it’s going to be about until you’ve been blogging for a while.

The idea here is to run a blog where readers like you–the kind who read crime and mystery … the kind who want to watch the inner workings of a writer… the kind who have nothing better to do–can follow the painful progress of a “pre-published” novelist like me.

Actually, what I’d really like is to have ten published books (and counting) and a lively community of readers interacting here at my blog. But … you gotta start somewhere.

And a career as a novelist starts with the first novel.

If all goes as planned (Ha! It never does), my first independently published novel will be Mailboat. (Working title. Which is another term for a title that isn’t working.) My goal is to have it published and available as an ebook through sites like Smashwords and Amazon by January 1, 2015.

Actually, I’d like to have it done before then. I’d also like to have a private airplane. I don’t realistically see either of these things happening, but I’m just sayin’ …

Anyway, the plan is to post here at the beginning of every month (this post being an obvious exception) and keep you up-to-date on what’s happening, how work is coming along, when new titles are coming out, and how many imaginary bad guys with knives I fought off in my living room while supper was burning on the stove. (Been known to happen. Recently.)

In the meantime, check out my Works in Progress–and maybe tell me which one you want to read most. (Correct answer: Sherlock Holmes.)

Thanks for dropping by! Now. Where did I leave those knife-wielding bad guys … ?