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The poll is now closed. Thanks to everyone who voted! The winner was #5 – though in a shorter version. 

Also, the book is available for purchase! Just check out the links below.

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Coming in September 2015 to print!

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Book Cover: Journaling to Become a Better WriterExciting news, people! I’m working on the print edition of my book, Journaling to Become a Better Writer. Along with that edition, I’m also going to be getting a new and better cover!

As I was working on these things, it dawned on me that a subtitle might be in order. I need your guys’ help! Which one do you like best?


  1. How to Write Better Novels by Keeping a Journal
  2. How to Practice Fiction Techniques in Your Journal
  3. Observe the World Around You and Write About It in Kick-Ass Narrative
  4. Seven Ways to Write Better Novels by Keeping a Journal
  5. Seven Ways to Practice Fiction Techniques in Your Journal
  6.  (Fill in your own candidate:) ___________________________

Please tell me which one you like best and why.

As a little added incentive … I’ll do a drawing and give a FREE copy of the ebook to one person who leaves me a comment! The drawing will close at midnight, Central Time, on Tuesday, April 28th, 2015.

Okay, start voting!


  1. #5, hands down. Short. Sweet. To the point.

  2. I like #5, too. I think that would appeal everyone. People, like me, who just want to learn to use fiction techniques in their writing and people who are interested in learning the techniques to write fiction.

  3. I’d say number 2.
    Because your public is the hidden writer in all of us. And a writer is a technician, among other things. And since a writer breathes fiction, why not combine the two?

  4. I like number 3. It’s motivating and fun. It gets me pumped and ready to journal. I guess I like the excitement of it.

  5. The ones that say “by keeping a journal” or similar just repeat the main book title, and since words are at a premium, I would support that with a different tagline, rather than repeat it directly.

    Suggest you think about putting two thoughts together that include “Observe the World Around You” like

    Observe the World Around You While You Improve Your Narrative Skills or similar (less wordy approaches)

    Best of luck! What fun!

  6. 1 or 5, because they help potential readers know more of what the book is about. 5 also does more than repeat the title.

    By the way, NaJoWriMo for October will focus on creative journal writing. I will promote your book some more during that month. I’m not a fiction writer, but I still plan to read your book.

  7. I like #3. It has a element of fun to it. I think the others kind of say what the title already says.

  8. “Seven ways to improve your fiction every day” – repeating what is in your title is redundant. Besides, we should all be practicing our creative writing skills daily, even if it is just a creative fiction recounting of something that happened that day.
    I’m looking forward to reading your book.

  9. #3!! because it’s awesome!!! 😉

    ps. and I also really agree with what Jann ^said. 🙂

  10. I like #5, but without the “in your journal.” As other commenters have mentioned, there’s no need to repeat “journal.” I also think the use of a number in the subtitle “seven ways” is more eye-catching. It shows the reader you’ve got a structure in place for the book and lets them know how many “lessons” they will learn.

    P.S.: Hi from #MondayBlogs

  11. Number 2, because what better use for writer to have a journal than to practice his/her writing technique .

  12. I would say 5. Keep the subtitle short.

  13. Thanks, everyone, for leaving your comments! I really appreciate the help. I’ll be reviewing all your votes and suggestions and coming up with the final decision soon!

    And the winner of the drawing for the free book is … Connie B. Dowell! I’ll send you an email, Connie, with your copy of Journaling to Become a Better Writer. Congrats!

  14. 6. Writing for and about life, as it is all fiction with only a few salient facts.

    This is a well designed blogsite and simply illustrates the high intellect and quality whom is the driving force behind it.

  15. Richard Labbett

    August 2, 2015 at 7:48 AM

    No.4 It’s simple & to the point and doesn’t assume you already have a journal and know what to do with it.

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