DSC01933 (640x480)Hey, guys, Molly the Adventure Dog again! Guess what? My girl is letting me post TWICE this month!

That’s cuz it was one year ago this August that my girl and I first set foot and paw in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin – the real-life setting of her upcoming suspense novel Mailboat. We went on an 800-MILE CAR RIDE just to do research for the book! And now … she’s going back!

See, she’s got a writer’s conference to go to in Wisconsin, and Lake Geneva wasn’t so far away, and she just knew she couldn’t be that close without dropping in! Great opportunity for a little extra research!

On our trip last year, I was so proud of myself, cuz I got to help! Yep, I’m gonna be in the official, end-of-book acknowledgements! She wanted lots and lots of photos and videos from all over town to use as reference while she’s writing the book. So she strapped the GoPro camera to my special movie-making harness, and I recorded my first ever Dogumentary! For a day, I was the most popular dog in town. Sooo many snuggles.

That movie originally appeared on my old blog, but lots of you have never seen it before. We figured now was the perfect time to share it. Grab your favorite chew bone and enjoy!

A note from the human

The Lake Geneva Mailboat at home port.

The Lake Geneva Mailboat at home port.

As soon as I left Lake Geneva last year, I couldn’t wait to come back. And that time is finally here!

I’d hoped to have a finished book upon my return, but 1/3 of the way through first draft, I realized I had a series on my hands and not a stand-alone. Since I’ve always viewed the story as a single book, I’m writing the first draft of the entire series (two or three books, I’m guessing) all at once, after which I’ll go back and find where to divide it. The plan is to have the first book out this year, and the next two in 2016.

While I’ve been away from Lake Geneva, I’ve been trying to keep in touch with the residents and local businesses. I’m happy to say that 2016 might see one or two book signings there!

I’m also looking for beta readers – people to read the book prior to publication and let me know how they like it and if I made any mistakes. I’d especially love to have residents of Lake Geneva on board to help me write the setting right. If you’re interested, leave me a comment!

If you want to stay in the loop about progress and publication day, you can sign up to my blog (where I post once a week) or my newsletter (which goes out only when I have special announcements). Just click the button!

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