Book Cover: Journaling to Become a Better Writer

What do your novel-in-progress and your journal have in common? Maybe more than you think. Your life, after all, is a story. The tools you need to take your craft to the next level may be hiding right under your nose.

Danielle Hanna has been penning fiction since she was only four and keeping a journal since age five. In “Journaling to Become a Better Writer,” she bares pages from her own journal to illustrate the emotional depth and storytelling skill that can be achieved simply by writing the events of your life.

Side-by-side with her examples, she delves deep into techniques to explore what makes a story worth telling, what goes into real-life story structure, how to get in touch with your emotions, how to observe the world around you with laser focus, and how to bring passion into every word you write.

Along the way, she shares the most traumatic plot twist of her own life: the stripping away of her family and her search for someone to finally call “Daddy”–a quest which almost claimed her life.

Part writing how-to book, part memoir, part self-discovery guide, this volume will go far beyond breathing inspiration into your journaling and your novel writing. Whether you’re a multi-published author, a life-long journal writer, or have only dreamed of putting pen to paper, discover the story you were born to tell.

(189 pages)

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Write4Life. This website run by journaling coach Nathan Ohren features the JournalTalk Podcast, and a host of other journaling tools and inspirations. Be sure to check out my podcast interview with Nathan about my book: Journal-Keeping Tips for Fiction Writers.

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A Novel Approach. One of the topics I discuss in the book is fiction as therapy–both reading it and writing it. The folks at The Center for Fiction have taken that idea to the next level with bibliotherapy. That’s right. After a 45-minute consultation in person, over the phone, or by email, they will hand-select a reading list prescribed just for you to help you with whatever issues you’re facing in life. COOL.

Renaissance Art: Fine Handcrafted Leather Books. For those of you who are most inspired by the texture of the page and the smell of good leather, Arthur Scharf provides hand-made leather journals. His selection is impressive, and he has plenty of stuff for those of you who like to journal on your electronic devices, too. Go ahead. Spoil yourself.