2015-02-23 Frozen ConnectionsThis image is from MorgueFile and still needs to be edited.


Target Audience

People who are afraid to connect with other people

People who are “shy”

People who have such a low view of themselves that they think they’re not good enough to be noticed by other people

People who feel as if they’re annoying other people by walking up to them and starting a conversation

People who have been so badly burned by past experiences that they don’t dare trust anyone again


Proposed Solution 

You’re worth more than you think.

There’s something uniquely beautiful about you that no one else has, and people will be drawn to that.

Be yourself. Without shame.

Take the risk to open up to other people. You’ll find they’re just as frightened as you are, and want to be validated by you.




“The fear of rejection is one of our deepest human fears. Biologically wired with a longing to belong, we fear being seen in a critical way. We’re anxious about the prospect of being cut off, demeaned, or isolated. We fear being alone.” ~ John Amodeo, PHD, World of Psychology Blog

“Our aversion to unpleasant experiences prompts behaviors that don’t serve us. We withdraw from people rather than risk reaching out. We hold back from expressing our authentic feelings. We abandon others before they have a chance to reject us.” ~ John Amodeo, PHD, World of Psychology Blog



“How you perceive yourself is not necessarily how people view you.” ~ Alicia T. Glenn on HuffPost

“Mastering fear doesn’t come in big leaps, but in small steps.” ~ Alicia T. Glenn on HuffPost