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Five Years with Molly the Adventure Dog

Molly the Adventure Dog again! Guess what? It’s my birthday! On April 15th, I’m all of nine years old. Yep. Nine! In honor of my birthday – and in honor of FIVE YEARS with my awesome girl – we’re posting our favorite pictures … of ME!!!

Here I am on May 1, 2010 – just a couple weeks after I arrived at Central Dakota Humane Society. I was a stray, and about as down on my luck as I could get. Well … at least I had a red ball.


May 1, 2010. Photo by Jolene Podoll

Right after I ended up at the shelter, the girl who was to become My Girl started volunteering. Here we are at the shelter just two months later in July. Can you tell I adore her???

2010-07-08 011 Molly

July 8, 2010


Here I am doing one of my favoritest things with my bestest buddy Peso! He’s been my boyfriend all this time!

2010-09-14 017 Biking Molly & Peso

September 14, 2010


In October … my girl adopted me!

2010-10-01 012

October 1, 2010


That’s when the adventures started in earnest …

005 (640x427)

January 11, 2011


The first time we went camping together!

IMAG0010 - Copy (640x480)

June 11, 2013


We had the lake all to ourselves! This became the most iconic picture of me! Some of you might remember it as the featured image over at the old blog.

IMAG0039 (640x480)

June 11, 2013


But this is MY favorite picture of me! Splashy!!! I love going swim-swim!


June 11, 2013


Our adventures even brought us to Minnesota! (My girl and me want a log cabin some day.)

IMAG0105 (480x640)

July 9, 2013


And eventually to our new home town of Washburn, where we started hiking on the deer trails. (This is my hero shot.)

IMAG0015 (480x640)

February 19, 2014


A version of this next photo (without me in it) became the picture you see at the top of my girl’s website! (Yeah, she edited it for the dramatic red effect.)

April 8, 2014


Can’t beat those Missouri River sunsets.

DSC00137 (640x478)

May 17, 2014


My girl says this one of me in the grass is one of her favorite pictures of me. Must be, cuz she has it framed in the living room!

DSC00691 (640x480)

June 15, 2014


My sister Juliean likes camping, too! (But she complained about the lack of a litter box and wanted to pee in the fire pit … with a fire in it …)

DSC01724 (2) (640x501)

August 3, 2014


In 2014, we went to Wisconsin! I helped my girl on her research trip by recording a reference video of Lake Geneva for her novel Mailboat. You can see the results of my hard work here! Yep. That was my first time with the GoPro!

DSC01933 (640x480)

August 10, 2014


After that, I kinda got hooked … Our winter video is here.

DSC02544 (640x480)

January 10, 2015


Where will our adventures take us next? Who knows! But you can bet my girl and I will be side-by-side! Thanks for sharing them with us, and Happy Birthday to MEEEEE!!!

My girl and me on my 8th birthday, 2014.

My girl and me celebrating my 8th birthday, 2014.

A Note from the Human to Her Dog

DSC00518 (2) (640x481)Molly, you are my world. I tried so hard not to fall in love with you, because I never dreamed you could be mine. But for once, fortune smiled on me.

If I could guess what form my guardian angel would take, it must be a dog, because your kind have always brought change for the better to my life. It was a kennel full of homeless dogs that gave me wings in the world. It was my Molly-girl who brought me love when I most needed it. It was you who kept me alive when I didn’t want to go on. You were the one who forced me to find an obscure apartment in a little town. And it was a couple of stray dogs that brought a sheriff’s deputy to my door … who became my Daddy, the one person in the world I truly needed.

I owe you everything. And for all you knew, you were just chasing sticks and going for car rides.

Happy Birthday, Molly-girl. I will love you for always.


  1. Happy Birthday, Molly! I love all your photos and please tell your girl that I love her new book on journaling.

    • (Sniffs hand for treats, wags tail.) Hi, Deborah! Nice to meet you! Thanks for the birthday wishes, and I’ll be sure to tell my girl you like her book! I helped her write it, you know. I took up a whole two thirds of the sofa while she was working on it! Stop by any time. (Doggy grins.)

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