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What Does an Author DO When She’s Not Writing?

Molly the Adventure Dog with her GoPro

Molly the Adventure Dog with her GoPro

She goes winter hiking with her dog. At least, that’s what this author does! I consider myself lucky to live in the heart of North Dakota, a state renowned for its outdoor recreation.

I was so busy putting out my book (Journaling to Become a Better Writer) that I ran out of time to keep up with the outdoors blog I shared with my dog Molly, Embark on Adventure. And with more books coming … maintaining the second blog wasn’t a viable option. So as a compromise, Molly is now posting our adventures here. For all our dear fans at EOA – this one is for you! And don’t worry … there will be more.

For those of you meeting Molly for the first time … I loaned her my GoPro once, and now she’s hooked. Yes, this is a dog-mounted GoPro.



  1. Nice to see you guys again! I really liked the white out, Molly took a roll in the snow?

  2. Totally off subject, I just finished a walk with Abby and Blu when I heard an Eagle call. I got excited, looked to the sky for the soaring king, checked the tree tops for a perched predator, and….. No Eagle? Just a Starling playing in the sunshine at the top of a cottonwood. I watched for a few seconds and then the Eagle call came from the little Starling…..I just learned that it is common for the European Starling to mock other bird calls! How about that? It was a very convincing eagle call.

  3. That’s cool, but I could only watch a few seconds before I got dizzy.

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