DSC02853 (480x640)Hey, guys! Molly the Adventure Dog again. My birthday was back in April (maybe you remember the photos my girl and I posted of 5 years together!) but I finally had my birthday party … in July!

See, we used to try holding my birthday party in April. Problem being, we live in North Dakota, and April can still be winter, as this photo from my first birthday party proves …

003 (640x427)

*I* didn’t mind at all. Snow is my favoritest thing! (After treats.)

We obviously have the right kind of friends, cuz they come anyway, snow or no snow! But one year, I got a massive blizzard on my birthday. I was all thrilled, but my girl canceled and said we were never having the party in April again.

So I got my party in July this year.


DSC02847 (480x640)

Thanks, Tana and Katherine, for another great people cake!


DSC02849 (640x480)

Just some of my puppy friends! Spunky, Marvin, and Annie.


I got birthday presents!!!

I got birthday presents!!!


DSC02856 (480x640)

Me and my girl!


Thanks to all my friends for the great party!